Low Testosterone Treatments and Solutions

Before you decide whether testosterone supplements can improve your sexual desire and drive it is important to consider a few facts about testosterone therapy. As men age, they may experience a declining sex drive, and usually, physiology is a key factor. Testosterone is a hormone that helps to boost sexual desire, bone density, muscle mass, and sperm production. All of this peaks in men at about the age of 30.

A man may experience a decrease in sex drive as testosterone levels decline or he may not sexually perform in a way that he would like. A declining sexual interest is often one of the main causes of depression and may damage important intimate relationships. It is therefore natural for a man to want to do something about this decline. A man can do this by looking at various research articles on whether testosterone therapy will improve his sex drive.

Testosterone, in men, and estrogen, in women, are the two principal hormones that cause sexual desire. Both women and men will create testosterone, but men will create more. Likewise, women will create more estrogen than a man. When a young boy starts to develop his sex organs, it is because of testosterone. Testosterone is also responsible for the physical attributes in men such as broader shoulders, denser muscle development, and increased growth of facial hair.

Testosterone is responsible in part for sexual excitement, but there are also other factors that will contribute to sexual arousal. Testosterone levels fall and rise throughout the day and often a man may notice that his testosterone level is higher in the mornings. These levels also will fluctuate over the lifespan of a man. Besides aging, there may also be several other causes that will produce lower testosterone.

These other causes include cancer treatment, HIV, AIDS, injury to the testicles, pituitary disorders, testicular tumors, and certain inflammatory diseases such as tuberculosis or sarcoidosis. Psychological developments, anxiety, stress, relationship problems and depression issues may contribute to a low sex drive. There are also various physical causes such as being overweight, having a chronic illness, or taking certain medications such as antidepressants or opiates.

If you are concerned about your testosterone levels, it is simply a matter of visiting your family doctor who will perform various tests and determine whether you need to start taking testosterone supplements such as the ones at besttestosteroneboosterguide.com, testosterone therapy, or testosterone medicine. You should never begin any of the above treatments before consulting with your doctor.