Health Benefits Of Visiting A Day Spa


Mental stress or joint pain bringing you down? A trip to the day spa is one (or perhaps the best) way to melt the pain and stress away. Regular visits to the spa are also good for your health.

Spa therapy comprises various skin, body and hair treatments, each one tailored to address health issues. For instance, massage treats stiff joints and muscles. Yoga helps soothe frayed nerves. A facial calms sensitive skin. And herbal therapy restores the skin’s natural glow.

Here are other benefits of spa therapy.

Boosts blood circulation

From facial to sauna, massages to aromatherapy, spa treatments help boost circulation. Fluid blood circulation plays an important role in a stress-free body and smooth skin. For one thing, smooth circulation helps nourish the organs and cells. When the organs and cells get sufficient oxygen, they’re able to work efficiently. The result? An energized body and glowing, clear skin. Herbal therapy and massage refine skin texture and lower blood pressure while stimulating the mind.

Reduces muscle spasms

Plagued with back pain, muscle pain and achy joints? Muscle spasms often cause pains and
aches. This happens when the muscle tissues become rigid, affecting mobility. Water therapy and massage help relieve muscle pain, reduce muscle spasms and improve circulation. They also alleviate soreness and muscle stiffness while improving flexibility.

Alleviates stress and anxiety

Getting a facial, a massage or even a good salt scrub is a great way to refresh the spirit, alleviate stress and relax tired muscles. A massage minimises stiffness and boosts circulation. A facial relaxes the mind and keeps the skin silky and smooth. A salt scrub minimises breakouts and detoxifies the pores. Other treatments – such as herbal therapy and aromatherapy – are known to reduce mental stress, prevent depression and promote better sleep.

Strengthens the immune system

Herbal therapy and massage can boost the immune system. When your immune system isworking efficiently, you become more resistant to fungal, viral and bacterial infections. So
whenever you feel under the weather; get a massage. It’ll definitely fast-track your recovery.

Prevents inflammation

Inflammatory diseases such as sciatica, gout and arthritis may cause swelling and irritation. Massage therapy and aqua therapy reduce these symptoms. These treatments can also
strengthen muscles and joints and relieve back and leg pain. Those suffering from sciatic pain may benefit from regular massage and yoga. Spa treatments improve the spine’s vertebral joint movement and soothe pain by improving blood circulation.

Improve skin texture

A nourishing seaweed mask or a regular facial scrub is an excellent way to reduce acne
breakouts and calm inflamed skin. These facial treatments also minimise scarring from
pimples and dry up cystic acne. Meanwhile, a chocolate or herbal body scrub improves the
skin’s texture, delays the signs of ageing and removes dead skin cells.

Better, deeper sleep

Can’t sleep at night or relax during the day? Spa treatments can relax your body and improve your sleep. Enjoy a more relaxing life and calm, uninterrupted sleep by spending a day at the spa. The massages are soothing – and you’ll wake up feeling lighter, happier and healthier.

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