Finding The Right Personal Trainer

The biggest reasons why finding the right personal trainer is your key to your fitness success


When you want to get fit, you enlist the help of a PT, as expert guidance would help you achieve your goals. But what if your trainer criticises your weight and puts you down? Or never weighs you, takes your measurements or sets clear goals? A bad personal training firm can demotivate and demoralise you.

If your trainer ever dropped weights on you or gets easily distracted in the gym, then look for a new PT. A good trainer monitors your measurements and weight and puts together a diet plan. This ensures you fulfil your fitness goals over a matter of weeks or months.

Since there’s growing demand for personal training services, personal trainers are mushrooming everywhere. But not all of them are reputable and professional. Obviously, you want a competent PT who can help you increase your lean body mass, muscle strength and muscle power. So the big question is: how can you ensure you’re choosing the right trainer?

Picking the right PT is about finding an expert you can trust to give you the right training and advice and build your interest in health and wellness. Here’s how to conduct your hunt.

For starters, ask likeminded people for a recommendation, or book a trial session with various trainers. It’s also essential to consider experience and qualifications. Lack of experience and qualifications can lead to burnout or injury.

Certification proves the personal trainer understands anatomy and knows the risks associated with training. Experience means they have been exposed to illnesses and injuries which could arise.

Most PTs have some testimonials on their social media accounts and website. It’s worthwhile checking out these. Also, ask a trainer if you can talk to their present clients.

Working with a clown who makes you feel weary and uncomfortable can be discouraging. Alternatively, you may strain yourself trying to amaze them if you feel unequal or unworthy. More detrimentally, lacking the right personal trainer can hamper the process of setting and achieving your goals.

PTs motivate clients by reminding them of their goals. A good trainer also undertakes regular assessments to adjust the goals and monitor your progress.

Though finding the right person can be hard, it’s better to listen to your intuition. If you feel like you are being pushed too little or too much, or the instructions being given aren’t suitable, then chances are you need to begin your search again.

This time around, ask yourself what your goals are, what’s most important to you, and what type of trainer motivates you. More importantly, try before you buy. Speak with some current clients and watch a few training sessions, then organise a session with the PT before committing to anything long-term.

With the right trainer on your side, you can improve your overall fitness, maintain a healthy life, learn new skills, and enhance your body, mind and spirit. In addition, you can focus on your unique health concerns, get maximum results quickly and find the best way to workout.

Therefore, don’t waste time training with a con. Instead, look for a professional who has your health and well-being in mind. Visit personal trainers Adelaide on Facebook for more resources on finding the right personal trainer.

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